Natural Diopside 925 Standard Silver Earing


Natural Diopside 925 Standard Silver Earing 铬透辉石銀耳環

Diopside is a monoclinic pyroxene mineral with composition MgCaSi₂O₆. It forms complete solid solution series with hedenbergite and augite, and partial solid solutions with orthopyroxene and pigeonite. It forms variably colored, but typically dull green crystals in the monoclinic prismatic class.

Green diopside is connected to the heart chakra.
Diopside is thought to be able to improve intellect and encourages the desire of one to learn.

The diopside would be good for the blood and more particularly for red cells

It would help regulating the quantity of white cells in the blood.

It would regulate the blood coagulation helping haemophiliac persons, the ones that get hurt easily and persons who tend to easily bruise.

Diopside would help to have healthy and strong teeth.

It would stimulate kidneys.

It would balance the hormonal production.

It would help recalcify.

It would diminish muscular spasms and cramps.

According to metaphysical beliefs, chrome diopside is used to help alleviate aggression or stubbornness while in turn enhancing love and commitment.

Silver is a chemical element with symbol Ag and atomic number 47. A so

Silver is the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, and of loving as well as healing. It is used to bring patience and perseverance to the wearer