Ceylon Natural White Topaz 白色托百石

Ceylon Natural White Topaz 白色托百石

Topaz is a silicate mineral  of aluminium and fluorine with the chemical formula Al2SiO4(F, OH)2. Topaz crystallizes in the orthorhombic system, and its crystals are mostly prismatic terminated by pyramidal and other faces. It is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals and is the hardest of any silicate mineral.

White topaz symbolizes hope, love and happiness. It is related to the planets -Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Topaz is related to the zodiac sign, Sagittarius.Topaz is excellent for cleansing the aura, and for relaxing and releasing tension at any level. It is highly empathic to the system and directs its energy to where it is needed most, aligning the meridians of the body.

Topaz is a superb crystal for meditation, bringing the mind, body and spirit into union with the forces of the universe. It enhances relaxation, creates lightness of spirit, and stimulates feelings of peace

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