Chrysoberyl is a beryllium aluminium oxide mineral that belongs to the oxide and hydroxide class of minerals. appears as trilling or twinned hexagonal crystals. Despite the similarity of their names, chrysoberyl and beryl are two completely different gemstones.
​The three main varieties of chrysoberyl are:

​Chrysoberyl is a yellow-to-green and brown depending on the impurities of iron or chromium present in the transparent to translucent crystal.
Alexandrite is one of the rare colour change crystals and is translucent
Cymophane (cat’s eye) is fibrous and translucent. This is the only stone that can just be called cats eye, all other cats eye crystals must have the name of the crystal included such as cat’s eye tourmaline or cat’s eye quartz or even cat’s eye selenite.
​​Yellow-green chrysoberyl was referred to as “chrysolite” during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, which caused confusion since that name has also been used for the mineral olivine/peridot, that name is no longer used. The name derives from the Greek word chrysos, which refers to the stones colour.

Green chrysoberyl stimulates healing of the physical heart. It can help those with heart disease, especially where the imbalance is based on stress. It can assist you in recovery from radiation exposure, including sunburn and radiation therapy for cancer.

Green chrysoberyl assists in gaining a higher perspective in the midst of emotional situations. It helps you to be gentle to yourself and others and to manifest peace through your energy field. It enables you to open to abundance and the gifts of the Divine.

Green chrysoberyl reminds you that the heart is the centre of creation. It stimulates connection with Divine energy and helps you assume the rightful hierarchy of heart over mind. It can assist in dispelling egoic thoughts, beliefs and motivations so you can be conscious and present with the energy of the Divine.

Golden chrysoberyl stimulates the cleansing and balancing of the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. It helps you in detoxifying and ridding yourself of unhealthy agents and energies in the body. Golden chrysoberyl will relieve exhaustion. It is also excellent for diarrhea, stomach ulcers and other intestinal disorders. It will assist a gentle weight loss program.

This stone is stimulating to the emotional body, helping you feel uplifted and energized. It can assist in recognizing where you give away your power. It aids in overcoming habits of manipulating others through playing the victim. It encourages self responsibility and is an excellent stone for overcoming procrastination and indecision.

Golden chrysoberyl prevents others from manipulating you, whether physically or psychologically It fosters a strong work ethic in the workplace and is good to set near a colleague who is idle or constantly chatters.
Golden chrysoberyl can help older children and adults retain information.

​Golden chrysoberyl assists you in aligning your personal will with the heart, ensuring that your actions are aligned with the energy of love. In this way it assists you in assuming your personal power and your responsibility for your experiences. It is excellent for manifestation and also psychologically helps those who are driven by fear of scarcity or the false identification of self worth with possessions.
Golden chrysoberyl can be used to make mirror rituals or divination more powerful.

Alexandrite soothes problems with the head. It is also good for inner ear problems and for relieving tinnitus and seasickness or any other motion sickness. Alexandrite stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands and opens the crown down to the heart chakras. It stimulates the brain and assists in balancing brain function. Alexandrite’s properties are mainly spiritual, though it can be used to help you relax in order to support physical healing. It is an excellent stone to use with those who are fearful of the healing process, as it allows them to relax and become more receptive to the experience. It is a good stone to use with those who are preparing for surgery or other invasive processes.

Alexandrite is good for regenerating enthusiasm and will protect you if you are traveling in mountainous or hill country. It will help healers not to become overloaded by the troubles or negative energies of others. Alexandrite brings in the frequency of joy. It teaches you to see the joy in being an embodied soul. Resonating with this stone may assist you in dealing with issues of not being able to receive love or energy from others. It can assist you in learning to trust your intuition and guidance and in opening to become a channel for Divine knowledge and love.

Alexandrite is used for channelling wisdom from devas, the higher nature essences and from the guardians of mountains. Alexandrite allows connection with the frequencies of Divine Knowledge and Divine Love. It assists you in resonating with these frequencies and using them to gather knowledge for the growth of the self or others while sharing this knowledge from the heart. It facilitates the recovery of alternate life information and Akashic records.

From early times, cat’s eye chrysoberyl was believed to protect against the evil eye, to attract fabulous wealth and to make the owner invisible.
Cat’s eye chrysoberyl increases the amount and frequency of energy carried by the physical body. It is excellent for replenishing depleted energy reserves and assisting the body in regenerating after illness or injury. Cat’s eye chrysoberyl will increase your inner radiance and help you to love yourself. It can be used to aid vision, especially night vision, and mental clarity. It increases the healing effect of other stones.

Use cat’s eye chrysoberyl at home and work to restore lost fortune or income or to find other sources of making money. it is a good stone for all those who work at night or travel after dark. Cat’s eye chrysoberyl is good when you want to lower your psychological or physical profile. Gaze into the stone to visualize yourself surrounded by shimmering light. It is also good for scrying and for increasing your intuitive and clairvoyant powers.

Cat’s eye chrysoberyl brings a wonderful sense of peace to your energy field. It helps you surrender to Divine Will and stop trying to control every aspect of your life. Cat’s eye chrysoberyl is a general stimulant for the third eye chakra and psychic abilities. It facilitates communication with beings from other dimensions and levels of reality. It can assist in receiving stronger communication signals from these beings and in channeling their information to others.

If the earth star chakra is out of balance you may feel disconnected to the earth and the people around you. You might be suffering from hallucinations, anxiety from unknown origins or feel no connection with the Divine.
If the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, you may feel critical of others, be a bully and in need of constant change. You also may believe that you aren’t recognized for your achievements or have difficulty learning new tasks.
Use this stone on the solar plexus chakra to bring empathy into your life and enhance your psychic abilities. It will open your clairsentience abilities.
It will assist in healing digestive, stomach, liver and gallbladder ailments. Use this stone when the true cause of a disease needs to be found.
If the heart chakra is out of balance you may have sudden bursts of anger, jealousy or blaming others for any issues that arise in your life. You might need constant confirmation of your self worth, feeling unloved or lacks compassion for others.
With this stone in hand, you are able to connect the lower chakras with the higher chakras to achieve homeostasis. It will encourage compassion for yourself and others and enhance your innate healing abilities.
It will assist in encouraging the entire immune system to function at its peak. It maintains a healthy heart and circulatory system. This stone when placed on the heart chakra will help with tissue regeneration.

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