Ceylon Natural Enstatite 頑火輝石(頑辉石)


Enstatite is a mineral; the magnesium endmember of the pyroxene silicate mineral series enstatite – ferrosilite.
Emerald green variety of enstatite is called chrome-enstatite. Mostly, That green is because of Chromium. Even though, Enstatite has weak double reflection (DR), It has strong Pleochroism.

• Formula : MgSiO3

• Crystal System : Orthorhombic

• Hardness : 5 to 6

• Optical Properties : Biaxial (+)

• Pleochroism : Pale green to pale orange

• Specific Gravity : 3.2–3.3


Special thing is about enstatite, It’s very good heat resistant silicate mineral in this earth 🌍.

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